Enormous congratulations to mum and dad on their 50th wedding anniversary


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I caught the eclipse on camera

I managed to get reasonable view of the solar eclipse this morning with my hastily-constructed observatory in the garden.DSCF1122

The clouds parted and I used Jonathan’s monocular backwards to project the image onto a white-board.

The last time I did this was in Mozambique in 2001 with simpler equipment!eclipse edited

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Celebrating the official opening of The Vestry on Friday, 30 January

OfficelaunchWow – what a great event! Thanks to everyone who help make the launch of The Vestry such a success. Particular thanks to interior designer Michala Naughton, Hewitt&Carr Architects, builder Steve Connolly, caterers Soiree Food Catering, to mum and dad for all their support and to Cllr Andrew Riley for officially opening our new offices

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Big Garden Bird Watch

We enjoyed spending an hour checking out the feathered visitors to the table. This is one of two resident woodpeckers. Woodpecker

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This morning’s ride

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Deep and crisp and even

DSCF1002This is the sight that greeted me on my return to Beeston after a family trip to Tyn-y-Waen.  Snow fell on Boxing Day evening, and freezing nights and the absence of children have kept it in good condition! Not a squirrel in sight.

Can Islamabad beat this?

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Adventures in Pakistan #2 Ride with Jonathan around the National Park

20141223_144927Great fun riding with Jonathan, negotiating 6 lanes of crazy traffic, over taking motorcyclists, shooting past donkeys pulling carts to reach the beautiful and tranquil Rawal Lake.


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Adventures in Pakistan #1 Exercising Clyde in Jinnah Park, Islamabad

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Public clock art in Beeston

DSCF1037 David has offered his redundant clock for use in Beeston.  It has a diameter of 65 cm and is electrically powered [under test at the moment].

I wonder whether it would look OK on the garage at No. 16 [as below], or shall we see if there’s a suitable spot in Beeston Square where it could act as a focal talking-point, perhaps with a “Patrick Family” label?


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Late Afternoon Sun on the Canal

Selling logs this afternoon at the Poacher Pocket in Chirk, next to the Llangollen Canal, took this picture as I was taking a break in sales. What have you been doing this afternoon?

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