My old college engages with anti-establishment extremists

cecil-rhodes_3244371bI recently wrote to the Master of University College Oxford, congratulating him on his firm, clear and measured approach to the recent “Rhodes Must Fallcampaign that was demanding we rename our Rhodes Computing Room, donated years ago by Rhodes Scholars who had been members of the college [like a certain William Clinton].

I had called the campaign “political correctness gone mad”.

This was his reply today:

Dear John,

Thank you for writing to me with your thoughts about JCR’s motion to rename the Rhodes Computer Room and the wider issues about the academy that it raised.

I write to let you know that the Governing Body of the College has decided to keep the name of the Rhodes Computer Room unchanged. In taking this decision Governing Body was mindful of the original gift of its former Rhodes Scholars and the appropriate and proportionate way in which a scholarly institution should engage with its own history and with that of its community and nation.

With best wishes,

The Master
University College Oxfordmartlet

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First trip on the Beeston tram

Tram launch (2)We explored the length of the new Line 2 of the Nottingham Tram system which finally opened at 6 am today after many years in the planning and building.

It provides quick and comfortable access to Bardill’s Garden Centre, Beeston College, QMC and the Treatment Centre, the NG2 offices, St Mary’s Church and the Contemporary Art Gallery, as well as the Station, Market Square and the Theatre Royal. We got a novel aspect of Devonshire Avenue as the tram sailed past the bottom of the road.

And we just need to swipe our bus passes [as long as it’s after 9:30 am] to get a free ride!  A new transport era has dawned.
Tram launch (14)Tram launch (23)Tram launch (11)Tram launch (6)

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David – the Outlaw

Embankment Outlaw
David was still in reasonable form after his first 8 hours of aerobic exertion as he ran along the Embankment near Trent Bridge yesterday. He completed the OUTLAW triathalon course in the middle of his age-group.

Trent Bridge OutlawCongratulations!

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Beeston tram interchange welcomes its first passengers

DSCF1050Janet, as the Borough Councillor for Beeston West, attended an informal welcome for the very first passengers to alight at the new Beeston Bus/Tram interchange yesterday afternoon. DSCF1044

They were delegates at the 10th Annual UK Light Rail Conference meeting in Nottingham.


We are expecting the NET Phase 2 line to open to the public within a month or so, after a long wait and many delays.

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Let them eat cake

cake 2Our Golden Wedding anniversary celebration was extended to co-incide with the church’s 113th anniversary yesterday.

We donated a cake to share after the morning service, and Janet led the evening service on an Ethiopian theme.

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Another council battle won

wesley 1

Janet helped persuade Broxtowe Council to name the road leading up the side of the church Wesley Avenue, as had been shown in the original drawings in 1902.

It might help persuade the church council not to abandon the Edwardian building for a new-build generic folk-chapel on a super-market site somewhere in Beeston.

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Enormous congratulations to mum and dad on their 50th wedding anniversary


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I caught the eclipse on camera

I managed to get reasonable view of the solar eclipse this morning with my hastily-constructed observatory in the garden.DSCF1122

The clouds parted and I used Jonathan’s monocular backwards to project the image onto a white-board.

The last time I did this was in Mozambique in 2001 with simpler equipment!eclipse edited

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Celebrating the official opening of The Vestry on Friday, 30 January

OfficelaunchWow – what a great event! Thanks to everyone who help make the launch of The Vestry such a success. Particular thanks to interior designer Michala Naughton, Hewitt&Carr Architects, builder Steve Connolly, caterers Soiree Food Catering, to mum and dad for all their support and to Cllr Andrew Riley for officially opening our new offices

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Big Garden Bird Watch

We enjoyed spending an hour checking out the feathered visitors to the table. This is one of two resident woodpeckers. Woodpecker

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